A gift of Angels

I send you love from this fine place

My stars are touching your fair face

A realm of light, adorns your sight

I’m flying now, above your night!


My tears are raindrops fresh and clear

They wash you clean, they calm your fear

And when you search for hope from woe

I’ll be with you, and help you grow.


“I am the moon that lights your way

I am the sun that greets your day

I am the laugh that salves  your pain

I am your cooling summer rain”


I’m gliding now on wings of light

My soul is free and burning bright

A cascade pure, a guiding star

Remember mum, I’m never far.


I’m soaring now above the skies

So let not tears fill up your eyes

My mother fair, please hear my rune

Live well, and weave your gorgeous tune.


And when each day, sun rises new

On angels wings, I fly to you

As silver waves they kiss the shore

I step into your life once more

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