A good stinker of a cold!


His name was Doctor Orange – he was Dutch. It was such a relief to meet him, as my own local doctor was only allowed ten-minute appointments on the National Health Service, barely enough time to palm you off with pain killers or leave-me-alone antibiotics.

Dr. Orange was warm, friendly, humorous, and trained in both conventional and complementary medicine. I had an hour with him each day, and he asked me everything over the course of two weeks after my chemotherapy.

He prescribed medicines to help the recovery, as well as sculpture to ensure I got a decent cold. “I like my patients to have a good cold or flu at least once a year”. You might think him a lunatic, but this wise healer has identified that I had had so few normal ailments all my life that my immune system needed to be “earthed”. Within a week of sculpture I had a stinker of a cold and I loved every minute of it.

This guy really helped a lot of people to heal and get well (he sill does), not afraid to straddle the worlds of conventional cancer therapy and “alternative”. Now some of the therapies of anthroposophical medicine have had medical trials with significant results.

But most of all I valued, and still do value, a doctor who listens, who is open minded, and who genuinely works in a way that sets you on the road to getting physically well.

This is over fifteen years ago now, and he still writes to me from time to time.

Cancer is never a kind thing at the time, yet I learned a great deal from it.  And I still enjoy “toning up my immune system” with a good stinker of a cold!

Me: What is better for my health – long life concentrated organic orange juice, or non-organic freshly squeezed orange juice from the supermarket?

Dr. O: Eat an orange.


I posted these  few personal experiences at the request of a 96-year old friend.

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