Doctor Mengele’s favourite guard

Was Heinrich Edvard Braun

For Heiny was quite diligent

And never let him down



But most of all this Ober-guard

With buttons polished new

Had managed through a winter cold

To be civil to the Jew.



He never spoke an insult bad

Was never rude or crass

He waved at all the children

As they headed for the gas.



His silence was quite civil

He never called them fools

He hardly said a word to them

No “Jews are animals.”


But most of our Heinrich

He knew, come end of War

He could not be accused of hate

For he had broke no law.



No words to hold against him

No cry of evil stare

He never spoke a horrid word

No evidence was there


But all the Jews in Belsen

Remembered Heinrich most

For his silent, distance named him

“Dark Belsen’s Cruelest Ghost”


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