Birthday Gift

Words they will not serve to heal the fears     

Impossible to understand this dark     

Forbidding field of memory-laden tears    

A wish to find a spirit-golden spark      


The wheel will turn and turn again it will     

And wrong to right will find its way to you

And into the void a light begins to fill     

Like summer sun on icy morning dew     


The shadow cast it calls you to the fight     

To look ahead with crazy diamond glare     

To stand before the ghosts beside a knight     

Who meets the foe with equal angry stare     


The future is a place that can be touched     

The past the dark’s domain but it is past     

Its time to slay the dragon, oh that such     

As you can have a joy that’s born to last     


That joy it comes to meet us from a place     

Called Future into Present it doth sound     

A day to heal for all in you is grace     

For you did plant your life in fertile ground     


The void it is a place, so dark secure     

But joy and fun and laughter is your right     

So take this gift, all wrapped in words of love,     

My greeting call to find your golden light.

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