CENTRIM – my positive vision

CENTRIM people are deeply interested in innovation. How individuals, groups, organisations and even societies improve what they do in a way that brings tangible benefits.


They are fascinated by the processes of innovation – how it happens, what blocks it, how to think innovatively, how to develop innovative products and services. CENTRIM people are interested in technological innovation – how it can support this improvement, the problems of designing it, of implementing it, sustaining it and even getting rid od it and recycling it! CENTRIM people think about innovation, talk about innovation and reflect together on what inovation is really all about.


They view innovation as a learning process and focus their attention on how individuals and groups, organisations, businesses and even governments share this learning, disseminate it, support and learn with other individuals and groups.


They debate how innovation fails and how it succeeds. They look at culture – inidividual and group attitudes and behaviours, organisational cultures that help or hinder innovation. They look at the environmental implications of innovation, how complex innovation is managed, different types of innovation, how innovation can be effected in big steps and incrementally.

CENTRIM people are academics with a difference. Many have hands on facilitation skills and know how to make discussions and workshops interactive and linked to practical action. But sometimes they also like to step back, reflect and think deeply. They like to pose difficult questions, to conceptualise, to theorise and THEN to experiment and apply. They like to criticise and then learn from the reflection on experience that arises. This is what CENTRIM people and their community of friends and associates do.

They look into the world of innovation, change and transformation with the eye of questionners, researchers, investigators, but also implementers and experimenters.

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