Change Choices

Change Choices


Debs – Tamsin

Neil: Mark

Ian: Al


A meeting,


Neil, Debs and Ian are sitting at a meeting table



Neil: I have no doubt we can manage this change. We always find ways to manage changes here.


Ian; But this is a huge change. This isn’t just a few new PCs or a move-around; this is a move of the entire offices


Debs: And we have committed to keeping all customer support systems up and running, as well as all the online ordering.


Neil: This is what Sandra Miller is calling a “business-critical change”


Ian: What the hell does THAT mean? They do love talking bullshit in head office.


Neil: It’s obvious. If our intranet goes down we could lose a fortune. We have to manage the transition to the new building without compromising service.


Ian: Well, that’s just unrealistic. They were mad to make that promise in the first place.


Debs: Well they want a change plan from us by Friday.


Ian: We’ll have to do it by parallel implementation.


Neil: What’s parallel implementation?


Ian: We keep the system HERE going AND then move to the new offices, and set up the systems there, running two systems in parallel with the old system as a back-up for the new one until we are 100% up and running on the new site.


Neil: That’s gonna cost a hell of a lot of money and time. 


Ian: But it’s preventive in terms of the system going down.


Debs: I’d go for a modular approach. Slowly wind down the one system as we crank up the new one. Bite-sized chunks.


Ian: You would say that. You’re a chocoholic.


Neil: How about a big bang?


Debs: I beg your pardon?


Ian: Funny ha ha. A big bang. Pilot and test all the new systems here first, set them up during the move and then just switch over in one fell swoop.


Neil: Risky.


Ian; Not if we proof everything in advance.


(Deb’s answers her mobile)


Debs: Hello? Yes? Yes. OK. Yes, working on it now. Yes, this afternoon.


Neil: Sandra Miller?


Debs: You guessed it. They want a Powerpoint of our initial recommendations this afternoon. 3pm. Main conference room.


Ian: Oh, great.


Neil: So, what’s it to be? Big bang change? Parallel implementation? Or some kind of bite-sized step by step jobby?


Ian: I say, coffee. Large coffees and a lot of cakes.


Debs: Agreed. Chocolate cakes.


Neil: Ok, but then we HAVE to make a decision. 


Ian and Debs: Agreed



The End

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