Collusive Joy

One strategy for justifying any action is to employ the language of law. Clever arguments are brought forth in the name of sincerity.

One example of this is the dogmatic use of “positivity” as an antidote to any personal action that causes pain and hurt to others.

Joy and happiness are not antidotes to pain; they are corollaries.

To use positivity as a “catch all” is clever and collusive and can even be cruel.

What I sometimes call “insipid” positivity becomes a crutch for an individual who claims that anyone criticising them should be more “positive”. This reinforces the psychic comfort zone the person has become trapped in. They tend to then surround themself with “friends”, relationships, groups and even communities who are valued to the extent to which they are “positive” towards the addict of insipid positivity. They often put out small amounts of false negativity in the form of self-deprecation and humility in order to curry favour with the community they are attempting to establish themselves in.

Of course when the person decides to be negative, or “critical”, this is always (in their biased view) justified because their default position in life is usually “positive”. So when they ARE negative, it simply MUST be right and objective, because it is so rare!. It is interesting how much these individuals can come across as “indignant royal personages” – “we are NOT amused”! – their negativity and outrage is often pompous in style and seeks “allies” amongst the collusive “friends”. It is of course because their “positivity” is insipid, hiding a lawyer-like precision with life.

Leaving loved ones, using people, manipulating them, playing mind games, demomising others, are NOT positive. And a dose of “positivity ” does not put things right; its just a cowardly flight from real freedom and deep responsibility.

And it is always doomed to longer-term failure.

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