Computer 2

Computer 2


Sam: You know, I often think that life is a bit like a computer..


Stuart: Yes. You mean, a places of images – a playground for truth or fakery?


Sam: Not really.


Stuart: A micro-world of potential where what you get out depends on what you put in?


Sam: Not at all…


Stuart: A creative place of awesome possibility where you can create different versions of whatever you choose.


Sam: No!


Stuart: The software is the mood, the hardware, the limiting enabling structure, the electricity the primal energy needed to power the processes…


Sam: No, no, no!


Stuart: A post-modern technical metaphor of culture and self-realisation…


Sam: No! What are you going on about?


Stuart: Well, what then? Why is life like a computer?


Sam: It always goes wrong!


she bursts out crying. Lights)

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