Diana Mark 2

Here’s the goddess, Mark 2…

One particular person I know spends so much time engaged in manipulation of others through classic two-faced behaviours.

She is utterly convinced of her own integrity and labels people around her as bitter and disturbed whilst behaving herself in a paranoid fashion, issuing veiled threats to personal safety and, essentially, trying to “bully” by stealth. I did a little research and found out that I am not the only person who shares this view. By self-admission this person is “confused” (or “was”) and has been through various phases of anger, frustration and self-doubt whilst maintaining a Diana-like public image of measured self-deprecation and sanity. Because this person has revealed their less functional side in the past, she tries to project all of her own darker elements onto the people she revealed her true self to. It’s all unnecessary as she doesn’t have even 1% of the attention her paranoia thinks she is getting.
Meanwhile she reacts and reacts and tries to build attacks on other people, in the twisted name of justice and fairness. All the while her self-image is one of self-control and inner freedom. She probably holds down a job and has friends and loved ones to whom she only reveals her “sane side”. She claims others are “this” and “that” and sets herself up as a guide to personal development and change.
When she finally looks in the mirror truly and freely, and leaves other people alone, she may finally begin to heal.
I am sure, even as this is written, she is loading her gun and preparing her henchmen for further cruelty.
Walk in the realm of freedom and kindness.

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