Explode Poem

 I wrote this poem to look at why change – personal or organisational – seem to stall so often. Does change sometimes just need a good old explosion, levelling the ground, to enable us to start all over again?


How to explode a situation:
Put dynamite under the assumptions.
Light the fuse.
Pour acid upon the elements and
Watch their appalling interaction
Fizzle Away.
With a new Ouzi, rapid-fire all of the
Deeds and Motives until they Shatter.
Sear the Sensitivities with a flame-gun
And finally, frazzle the beliefs and values
With a killing look.
The fuse then reaches its destination and
The Assumptive base cracks and the whole
Edifice Collapses.
Clear the ground.
And begin again.


©  Paul Levy 2012

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