Falling into Foolishness – A Loving Set of Insults


Be ready to be lovingly insulted! The following statements and suggestions could be a way forward, to set you on the road to personal recovery. Each is a challenge, not always an easy one. Each is a key to a doorway to somewhere better. You may have lost your way and need to find the road again. Take what feels right, and ditch the rest…

Capture your lost innocence. You grew up too quickly and you are now too old before your time is ripe for wisdom. 

You mistake  wisdom for cleverness and thus fall into foolishness. You are alone in the community of a love you cannot feel on your skin.

Find your innocence again and hurl the storage jars of crap experiences into the yard. None of your tastes and flavours should be bottled and labelled at this stage in your life.

5% of you is being realised in your life and you mistake it for enough. You call it ninety-five. You are being clumsy with your spirit.

You take no criticism and you will not take the criticism that you take no criticism.

You mistrust and fear soul touch. Soul touch, you feel, burns you. You have forgotten the heat of real passion and confuse it for that which is luke warm. Your expectations are now pragmatic – all ideals the externalised compromise of career.

You are wretchedly content; or snuggly discontent

Your shimmering energy is being strangled by your fear and caution of contact and communion.

You are now possessed by cliché. And even your denials are clichéd denials.

Ghosts are tying you up in impossible knots.

No one can tell you anything and to all you hear you have a too-ready defence.

You are winning the local battles but you will lose the war.

You’ve become an eloquent after-dinner speaker at the banquet of your own pain.

You’ve turned your spirit into a strategy.

You pretend to not understand. Yet your intuition tells you: You are still restless

Calls to action annoy you; you respond with an attempt to belittle because you know how small you have become inside

Unfold your wings and risk the heat of the sun. The sun shines for you. It’s universal reason to be is your unfolding destiny on this earth.

It isn’t too late. But soon it will be. In this life of yours.

Start now. The only fool really telling you that you can’t do it is you.

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