Two managers over coffee


Celia: So how was your weekend?


Keith: Spent most of it in the garden.


Celia: Actually, that’s exactly what I did.


Keith: I thought you hated gardening.


Celia: Well, I know you’re a fanatic. I saw that, at the barbecue. Every so often, I cut the shrubs back a bit, need somewhere for the deckchairs!


Keith: Well, I suppose we have different approaches to it. You prefer the “wild look”.


Celia: Yes, and you want Hampton Court at the back of your semi.


Keith: Well, I admit, I like order. Saturday was spent mixing concrete actually, not much real gardening at all. But the terracing is nearly done. We’re going to have a waterfall.


Celia: Nice. Everything in its place. All the pots in their rightful positions? Just like your desk really.


Keith: Well certainly not like yours (he indicates offstage); I bet you’ve got weeds growing there as well.


(pause as they drink coffee)


Keith: Tell you one thing though.


Celia: What’s that?


Keith: Well, if I am really honest. End of yesterday, I stood back, the concrete had almost dried on the patio. Looked at all the rows and the pots, the new perfectly round pond and the gnomes, all standing to attention like soldiers and I thought: it all looks a bit boring really.


Celia: Well, you might call my garden chaotic, you might even call it a mess, but boring it isn’t. I mowed the lawn to the edges as far as I could, and there was a mole hill behind the conifers. And last night we heard a fox again. Left a huge number two right in the middle of the lawn. If I am honest, impressive though it is, I wouldn’t want a garden as “perfect” as yours.


Keith: But there has to be order. When you had YOUR barbecue last year, there was nowhere for anyone to sit and your overgrown blackberry bushes had three children crying and the leaves! They got everywhere. I even had one in my cheeseburger.


Celia: True. To be honest, I’d like to put the garden in order without losing the feeling I am walking through my own private forest!


Keith: Well, yes, but I wouldn’t mind a little bit of that in my garden too. A bit of “wildness”.


Celia: I think it’s a state of mind really. Why don’t you start by ruffling up your desk a bit?


Keith: Only if you promise to put at least a FEW files away on yours.

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