I tell you

I tell you it’s a jolly life

There is no gun there is no knife

The idea that there’s dark confusion

Is a jolly nice illusion!


There is no rain there is no cold

There is no growing very old

There’s only youth and feeling free

And lots for you, and loads for me!


There are just smiles

There’s no depression

This life is one long

Laughing session


There’s only gold

There are no fears

So banish gloom

Deny the tears!


Forgive this lovely


It’s good for you

It’s great for me!


There’s only light

There’s only love

It’s raining candy

From above!


So get on out

And greet the day

And give your sack

Of cheer away!


It’s time for a joyful


Get rid of that

Sadness Pollution


Laugh out loud

And fuck the gloom

And weave your fun

On the happiness loom!      

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