In English Hills

A poem of celebration – I wrote this to link the daily celebration which is Nature, with the same celebration in each of us

In English Hills

Animals turn their gaze

To the rising of a morning sun;

October’s chill gives way to a crimson blaze,

Like you;

This is no Autumn now,

But a Springtime, for your path ahead is laden with daffodils

And bluebells shimmering.

You have hands that will be held,

Lips that will be kissed,

Toes that will be tickled,

The corn is ripe for harvest now,

And though a winter sun will soon adorn these fields,

And the last of the scarlet poppies raise their dainty heads,

In seaside meadows,

It is an April sun that celebrates you today,

And wishes you all,

And more than all.

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