In Wildness Anew

For to mend    

with a scowl    

and an anger-borne    

fist for those who    

insist on    

putting to swift    


the scorn   

of your foes.    


A feather-soft

breath to    

tease you to flight    

of a floating relief    

on a breeze to be     

borne on the might of     

your dreams     

of such daring respite.    


And it seems    

I will oft    

steal your    

sadness – a thief    

in the night     

Then with zeal I will    

bear it aloft.    

Then will you feel    

only that which seeks     

how to prove     

that your sadness, though true     

in the pale of your cheeks   

Cannot fail to    

remake you in wildness    


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