Is there a way to make THIS Christmas uniquely terrific for you?


Is there a way to make THIS Christmas uniquely terrific for you?

Something you could do to recapture the child in you?

If you have slipped into the habit of choosing all of the presents in advance, can you have just one little wrapped up surprise, or, better, a little stocking full of surprise bits and pieces? I am 36, and still come down to  a little purple stocking stuffed with unknown goodies!

How can you make this Christmas a little special – (no cliche intended here). If you are alone – can you go out for a little while and do something for someone else? Or stay in and pamper yourself?

If you watch a fave movie, go on, mull some red wine – add some fruit to make a mulled wine punch – add a little sugar or honey! Light that Christmas Pudding with an extra special brandy ! Read a Christmas tale out loud (so many to download from the web). Write a poem for the chat room – see ya on Christmas Day where your chat family is waiting!

Light a Christmas candle. Go sing some carols somewhere.

Something different. Something a little special.

Because you are special.


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