Re-Engineering the Situation (after Fagin!)

A man’s gotta win

Hasn’t he?

Be the king pin

Hasn’t he?

And I know I’ve the looks

And the claim to be the big cheese

I have all of my com-pet-it-tors

Falling down on their knees


I’m reviewing the situation

Can a fella be a winner all his life?

All the games, manipulations

Wond’ring if my friends will stab me with a knife


I can’t trust nobody in this place

I have to wear a double face

Waiting to be stabbed in the back

Or to be strung up on the rack

Black-mailed by crooks who’ve found the nooks,

Of the tax dodges in my books

I think I better think it out again


I’ve climbed to the top

Of the pile

I’ve always gone that extra mile

Been prepared to step on any-one who gets in my way

But as I grow older

I fear that big Judgment Day


I’m re-engineering the situation

I’ve been winning, but been sinning every time

Always beating

Through lots of cheating

Never scared to win first prize through any crime

I would cheat and lie and

Steal and fake

And always nick the largest stake

I’d blackmail if they don’t agree

The master of audacity

I’ve  sold my soul to get a hole

In one but now Fate’s bell doth toll

I think I better think it out again


Now my wife she departed years ago

A thousand long arguments years ago

Said my cold ideology was driving her totally mad

Sad Alan, your cruel, your unkind, but mostly you’re sad.


I’m re-designing the situation

Be a leader not a bleeder of your friends

And remember, life’s a journey

Just be happy with the means, not just the ends.


I’ve bought houses, cars, expensive yachts

I’ve always wanted lots and lots

I’ve gambled won and won some more

Left all my rivals on the floor

But all it is loneliness

My life’s a bloody awful mess

I think I better think it out again


So where do you go

When you’ve reached the top

Aloof and alone

When you own the shop

I remember the days

When I felt I was part of the team

And now I’m a lonely old cat

Who has stolen the cream


I’m re-inventing the situation

I think it’s time for me to

Share out all my cheese

And I’ll be venting this revelation

That too much winning

Sends the winner to his knees


It’s time to care and share again

To step from the top stair again

To lead among and not above

To trade the vulture for a dove

For winning is a lonely game

The end reward is cold and lame

But WAIT my friends we’ve all got bills

And I’ve always got my happy pills

I think I’ll start my winning up again!


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