A Chat Scene



Mark:  Some writers on management say that management Is really just like theatre. It’s all about excellent performance.


John: My boss is like Hamlet


Sue: Wow that sounds awesome. You mean a strong leader?


John: No.


Sue: Courageous with strong moral values?


John: Not quite.


Sue: Romantic and passionate?


John: Now, you’re getting silly.


Sue: Well, what then?


John:  He just never makes a bloody decision


Mark: When a manager is indecisive, for whatever reason, the rest of the team are either equally paralysed and take matters into their own hands…


John: And then get bawled out when they try to act  on their own iniative


Sue: wish my manager would bloody manage stuff.   What do they do?  I mean, what do they do.


John: They eat biscuits – O know that much.  Around a table. Talking. They seem to be addicted to meetings – or is it just the sugar they’re really addicted to?  I really don’t know what they talk about.


Sue: But Neil Cooper is leaving. So I’m going for the job.


John: Really? You never told me!


Sue:  I’m the favourite you know.


John: You really want his job?


Sue: Yes. I want to change things. They won’t just stick to custard creams when I’m there. We’re going to have decent biscuits and real coffee and none of that crappy UHT milk.


Mark: So, it’s transformation change with skimmed milk all round then ?

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