I met two shadows in a shadowed glade.

A place of darkness lit by poets’ hands;

The one was filled with history and hope,

The other young and yearning for a fire.

And then I came to meet these souls in Real.

Such light and gold that did those shadows make;

The one was all aglow with senses wild,

The other with her eyes all heaven made.

Such shadows melt, then in the heady room

There comes a gift that makes the knight unmade,

Then remade in a gladness with a fear;

To know that shadows hide such fearsome jewels;

Then gently does his shadow own withdraw

And pitches all his heart and self before.

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One thought on “Shadows

  1. very poetic in the sense of bringing a dimension of reality to the intangibles that are elusive to description by ordinary phrasing and syntax

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