This is a poem about revenge and “karma” – what goes around comes around, usually as a tsunami

Slowly, seeping in

Unnoticed under

The floorboard;

The level rises

Until your

Carpet of Comfort

Is sodden

The level rises

Flooding your defences,

Drenching your things.

The water will

Come to claim

What you accepted

So readily;

So easily you received,

Then slammed shut

The Gate

And bolted your doors.

Now it creeps upon you

Reclaiming the inches,

Each drop of this deluge

Is one of the tears

Cried by the ones who

Gave with such hopes.

Then comes a new flood

To rise up and drown you

The tears of the moments

You lost in your locking;

Each tear was a gift that

Your meanness forbade you

To give in return.

Now water is rising

It reaches the roof

And claims all the bricks

That you built in your fear.

A cleansing, a drowning,

Returning to soil,

And that ground is remade

On a landscape of tears.

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