The Cat Poem

My cat became a millionaire

From all the bribes she entertained

She hid her gold below the stair

And sat there counting when it rained.


For though I bought her from a store

With ragged fur and maingy paw

Her miaow it begged for sympathy

Like a tasty fish had she hooked me!


I got her home and first the rug

Into it her sharp claws she dug

And then the sofa, settee,  mat

Became the property of Cat


And then the blackmail it began

Twas all part of her feline plan

She howled at midnight, wailed at dawn

She screeched and howled across the lawn


I never slept, the noise all night

This once cute kitty was a blight

She then reavealed the only thing

To stop her so incessant sing


A golden coin placed on her tail

Would cease the cataclysmic wail

A coin would last a single day

So soon I gave my all away


The cat became the richest mog

And I a Paw-purr, her lap dog

Then one day when the coins ran out

She stretched her legs without a shout


She looked at me with cold disdain

And padded out into the rain

And with my sack of gold in tow

She vanished, where? we’ll never know.

One thought on “The Cat Poem

  1. Very nice poem/story. We have three cats, two of which we rescued. One in particular shows her disdain for us on a daily basis.

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