The Christmas Egregore

I sense the Christmas egregore* in the warmer energies of the town. Still a shade he was once a foreboding figure and now looks on, weaker in essence yet present still.


There are many shadowy forms claiming his place, yet none yet as strong as he, a being more than several thousand years in the making.


Of manifold forms, his manifestation at the borderland of the dreamed imagination and the imagined real, is a man of advanced years; his overweightness at the hip is part of his abundant nature and, to each soul who co-creates his egregore essence, a web of wonderful Wyrd is created, a kind of gentle karmic latticework where reality manifests in material and inner generosity to and through all of those connected to this wonderful and humorous co-created force.


In stronger reality-dreamers, there are bells in the night and tiny glimpses of a potential future form; the physical manifestation of the Christmas Egregore, riding in the higher places of the night upon a sleigh pulled by star-essenced reindeers, embodying the collective desire for community through the giving of presents; true presence in the loving hearts of humanity.


He works mostly through agents at the present time until his manifestation can be more substantial. His will is the Will to the Good that we collectively imbue him with. The wish lists are fulfilled, sometimes like miracles through the simple acts of human souls, taking inspiration from that they have willed together. A being he is who transcends the World’s Pain – a Grail in the suit of red, warmth in the heart of winter, light in a dark sky, like a Great Star over the simple miracle of Spirit-made-real-in-a child.


The egregore will flow over and through your home if you share a little of your will-warmth, in an awake and generous gesture on the Night in December. We will dry your tears, if you are alone, we will be there holding you. Never doubt it. Your uniqueness is a gift to humanity this Christmas Night. Without you, there is no Christmas on Earth; without you there is no reality. Each of us is a pin point upon which balances the entire universe.


Look to your chimney or your front door. Leave a gift for the Christmas egregore, either by your hearth or in your heart. Christmas will come to you this day, or in days to come in splendid ways you cannot imagine.


This egregore laughs at the science of the day, and delivers presence in each of us in one, single night. When we turn our present consciousness and warming will towards the co-creation of the Christmas egregore, a true magic is born; a present for each of us this Christmas Day.


In our garden, the grey squirrels already prepare for his arrival. The cats look suddenly out at things unseen before curling up again beside the fire. The air occasionally shimmers in the places where more than one thought turns towards thoughts of this Day of Days.


Warm wishes to you all. Look for his coming at midnight on Christmas Eve. Listen for the tinkling bells you have created. Look for the snow-light you have given birth to. Imagine the reality and hear the responding manifestation within and, if strong enough, there in the evening sky. One day soon he will stand before us all in all his jolly reality. A very merry Christmas to you all.



(*An egregore is a super-physical/spiritual being or force created by the collective will and thought of a group or community)

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