The MacBroads

George MacBroad went everyday

From Hampstead Heath to Whitby Bay

At nine fifteen he left his house, 

At half past midnight , back to spouse


But what a rogue! He told his wife:

” I am a postman in East Fife”

“A simple man ” Was his confession,

 But little she knew his true profession!


For in Whitby Bay at half past one,

MacBroad, his trousers were undone!

And on a bed in Grand hotel 

Revealed his wares he has to sell


In Whitby Bay ‘Till half past four 

With socks and bra upon the floor,

He earned his keep and more, on top,

He was “MacBroad’s Enjoyment Shop”


In bowler hat and postman suit 

Each day he earned his daily loot

And always saved his secret gains 

To buy stuff for his model trains


But oh! If he knew, what was ado, 

In Hampstead Heath at half past two

He’d faint in fear of his dear life 

At the antics of his loving wife!


With whips and chains and leather strap, 

She entertains a city chap!

“You naughty boy!” She loudly chides, 

And like a horse she roughly rides!


While he is naked in the West

His wife in leather bra is dressed

Receiving money for her deeds 

To purchase packs of garden seeds!

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