The problem of strategies


The problem of strategies is that they tend to work. Strategising is a mind-game which is then projected into the physical world, imposed upon it and the strategisers live in a twilight world, partly physical, mostly mental.

Techniques for changing the way your mind deals with the world, which usually involve using your mind UPON your mind (or some other part of the body) often work. At the same time they imprison the individual within the self-created (or sometimes therapist-assisted) ghost world that has been created. Where the mind game is one of making sense of reality itself, the ghost world becomes a kind of poor copy of the real world, a world which is better apprehended and experienced by other methods than mind games and clever techniques. The “methods” are not really methods at all, but are really faculties already like as potential in every one of us, which, with a healthy sense of patience and discovery, we can wake up and use.

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