The sayings, theories and aphorisms of Alan WInner

Winner on History


We have reached a stage in our history- a unique stage in which winning has become a means to generating wealth and well-being for the whole of our society: in which each man … each person… in which each man helps themselves to themselves… and in helping themselves, they encourage others to do the same. And thus winning becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. True, not everyone can be a winner, but everyone can have a go, take their chances in the great game-show of life.



Winner on Evolution


Success is the pinnacle of human evolution. As the winner rises above the masses of humanity, he wields a double-edged sword. True, by his triumph he creates non-winners who must necessarily yield up the spoils of competition. Yet also, by rising above and claiming his medal, he provides inspiration to aspiration, he serves as a symbol of the victory of actual over potential, of realisation against imagination.


The flavour of Winning


Winning has a flavour – like good wine. It has indeed many flavousr. Winning should taste nice. Indeed it should be sweet not bitter. It’s taste should linger, but not for so long that it spoils other new tastes. Sometimes the taste should be intense, pungent, sometimes light, just a hint.


As a conniseur of the tastes of winning, I can recommend a slightly sweet, lingering taste with a sense that the taste has been well matured.


Winner on Superiority and Worthlessness


Inferiority is a complex thing and I do not wish to dwell on it for too long, suffice to say that I have a complex approach to inferiority which is simple to understad yet hard to implement. This inferiority complex that I have developed … I mean this complex approach to inferiority is laid out in my new book: Zapping the Worthless the Winner’s Way by me, Alan Winner, available from all winning bookshops published by WINCO Independent of New Jersey in the autumn of this year.


The book reveals something that many of you may find controversial, namely that worthlessness and feelings of worthlessness have absolutely no value and, being valueless, are essentially worthless and, being without worth, are of no use, value or worth to a would-be winner. The book then provides the reader with an emotional and rational zap gun to zap the causes of worthlessness out of his (he twitches) …or her… life and to replace them with winning strategies for value generation and TWM (Total Worth Management).



A Sense of worthlessness is warning signal and, in that sense, it could be said to be of some use. However, a feeling of being without worth is a sure sign that winning behaviour is totally absent. The simple and only cure is a strong dose of competitiveness, a strong endeavour to win at something. The easiest way to do this is to pass the worthlessness on to someone else. Select someone who is weaker than you at something,, challenge them, then really wop them at it. This is a short term cure, but watching the worthlessness disappear from you and pop up in your adversary can create a wonderful feeling. And that is surely worth it !



Winner on Empowerment


One of the key tools for winning is what I call the creation of limited worlds. These are sets of possibilities within which people are allowed to operate. Your communication,your marketing, your skill lies in convincing people that they are free within these bounded worlds. Of course, the boundaries are defined by you, the manager. The illusion of freedom arises. In many ways it is not an illusion. People are free – they can make many free decisions, so long as they are within the strictly dfefined limits you have set. It is of course of fundamental importance that people are led to beieve that they have set these boundaries for themselves or, even better, that they are defined by the laws of nature (you can often find willing scientists or scientific discoveries to back you up on this).


In may cases you are actually freeing people up, people wholive stressed lives in the complex world they find themselves in, will be grateful to you for making their lives simpler. They will be happy to operate within your limited playground and, of course, properly managed, you can reap the benefits!



Winner on Darwin



It does not surprise me in the least that at the centre of the word Darwinism is the word ‘win’.



Winner on Cooperation


I am not against cooperation or collaboration, so long as they take their proper place as sub-systems of the meta-system of competition.



Winner on the Historical Process


We have reached a stage in our history- a unique stage in which winning has become a means to generating wealth and well-being for the whole of our society: in which each man … each person… in which each man helps themselves to themselves… and in helping themselves, they encourage others to do the same. And thus winning becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. True, not everyone can be a winner, but everyone can have a go, take their chances in the great game-show of life.



Winner on Total Quality


Total Quality can only occur through the attitudes and activities of winners. Winners do not make mistakes. They do learn from mistakes, however, the mistakes of those around them.




Winner on Satre

I win thereforeI am



Winner on Winners

Winners of a feather flock together



Winner on Capital

Human weakness is an illusion.

There is no such thing as human weakness. There is only lack of capital or cash.



Winner on Chance

If you bet on a horse that comes in first, do not call yourself a winner. When you own the horse that comes in first, then you can call yourself a winner.


Winner on Philosophy

Cut out the unnecessary, there is no need for philosophical explanation. Reality is what works in the here and now. Our search for the deeper answers of life, though understandable, is ultimately futile. The answer to life’s mystery is that there is no mystery. The answer lies not in the very depths, which are a bottomless bit of darkness, but on the very surface of existence. The purpose of life is the pursuit of the practical in the here and now. The tools are the materials in this beautiful world of ours and the thoughts they inspire in our material brains.


Winner on Sin

To win is not a sin. Not to win is a crime against humanity.



Winner on Cheating

Alan: The power of the professional foul lies not in what is achieved during the single match, but in the psychological effect it has on the longer term fear of the offending player. In the long run, he will triumph by force of his will, and the occasional red card is a small price to pay.


Cheating is a matter of perspective. From the winner’s perspective it is better to win within the artificial boundaries of rules. However, and this however is important, winning behaviour may coincide with regulation, but it never, I repeat, never is defined by it. Winners move mountains, with ease, and rules are pebbles on the path. They can be stepped over, or swept aside, or left alone, but they can never be allowed to get in the way of winning. Of course, some rules are built upon moral foundations But the winner cannot be concerned with foundations, he, she, he is concerned with results.


A Winner’s Meditation

I am a winner, I feel the finishing line ribbon on my chest. I have read nothing in the bible which denigrates winning. I am a winner, not a sinner.


Winner on the New Age

Mystical notions are the enemy of success.



We are concerned with the surface of existence, the level of artifacts. We are not concerned with what the philosophers call ‘deeper truths’. Oh no, it is primarily at the artifactual level (and I include within that the psychological level) that we can work our winning magic.


Winner on Cost

Do not try to win at all costs. Try to win at no costs.


Winner on the Fruits of Success

I am concerned not with the fruits of success, but with the profits gained from opening the stall which markets those very fruits.



Winner on Competition

Where is the evidence that competition is not to the mutual benefit of all ? It is through the stratification of society based on the outcomes of the competitive process that the natural order is reflected in our social system: a balance which accords with the very laws of nature.


Winner on Structure

I am an anarchist. This, I know, is not what the Americans want to hear. They accused Henry Ford of anarchism as if it were an out-and-out admission of communism. Anarchy, Mr Clinton, is the pursuit of whatever by whatever means. Structure is anathema to the sheer openness of the whatever. To define in general terms is to restrict possibility in specific terms. Winning occurs in the freedom to operate in the reality of the possible. Anarchy is a winners god-given right.


Success is the pinnacle of human evolution. As the winner rises above the masses of humanity, he wields a double-edged sword. True, by his triumph he creates non-winners who must necessarily yield up the spoils of competition. Yet also, by rising above and claiming his medal, he provides inspiration to aspiration, he serves as a symbol of the victory of actual over potential, of realisation against imagination.


Winner’s Recommended Reading List

Read your Darwin, read your Dawkins, read your Sampras.


Winner and Capitalism

It is a process of liberal capitalism that fosters the winning ethic that creates the social process of magnetic attraction of non-winners around winners creating enterprise and the healthy development of a true community.


Winner on Charity

“Charity is for weaklings.” So said wise Henry Ford. For if charity is a replacement for true struggle and learning, then it encourages weaknesses creating a chronic disease of inactivity and laziness in society. This laziness is like a virus. The antidote is the pursuit of winning through sustained effort.


Winner on Castles

Do not build castles in the air. Build them outside capital cities, and create theme parks around them.


Winner on Losing

It is not enough to have loved and lost. Don’t lose it ever again ! Better, do not lose it in the first place.


Winner on Conscience

Do not develop a heart of gold. Invest the gold in a high-interest account.


Winner on Risk

Leave nothing to chance and let others bear the burden of your risk.


Winner on the Environment

I hear the academics say that we have used more of the earth’s resources this century than in the entire history of humanity. To that I say: hip hip hooray! More, more, more!


Winner on Music

Go home tonight and raid your CD collection, pull all of the CDs out and prepare for a night ahead. Stack up some beers and ice cream and find that one tune that single magical melody which will become your winning anthem for the future. Find it, play it, then play it again, Sam !


Winner on Decision Making

A decision is not always a good thing. On some occasions it is best to sit very still, and keep your mouth shut tight, and just let your colleagues screw up around you. Give minimal support if you have to, show sympathy if needed, but do nothing as they screw the situation up in front of you. And then, like a super-hero, in you go to pick up the pieces and rescue the situation. It is all a matter of timing, dear friends, timing. There is nothing to be gained from putting out a fire in an ash tray when you can get medals for being a Red Adair. And all for the price of a short delay.



Winner on Being Nice

A bastard ? Am I a heartless bastard ? According to the New Statesman, that is exactly what I am. And to those non-winning so-called writers of popular culture I say this: the heart is an over-rated organ. It won’t be long before you can buy one from the hypermarket next to the burgers and steaks. Talk not of hearts or their absence, Ms Walker, talk of circulation figures and competent spell-checkers – it’s WINNER not WINER, and there is only one ‘L’ in ALAN!



Winner on the Purpose of Money

Money is an end to a means -know what I means ?



Winner on Making Mistakes

If you make mistake, do not follow the old advice and just pick yourself up and start all over again. Firstly, lie there for a while in the gutter, really feel a healthy amount of self-disgust, wallow in your weakness and failure. And when you finally do get up off the floor, do not start all over again, Recognise with shame that you failed, and try something different.



Winner on the UWP

To find yourself, find your UWP – unique winning proposition. Imagine all of your psychological insides were to flop out of the top of your head and land on a market stall table – your skills, your abilities, your views and opinions, your knowledge. Imagine it was all laid out, like merchandise for sale. What would be your prize products, what price could you charge for what ? How could you market it ? How much for this skill or that idea ? What does the mail-order catalogue which tries to market YOU look like ?



Winner on Heaven

Question: Do you believe in angels ?

Alan: I believe in angels who believe in themselves.


Winner on Magic

There is no magic in winning. Winning is a precise science … like a heart and lung transplant operation. You may think it is magic: there’s no magic in it at all: it’s all about sharp knives and well-placed scalpels.


Winner on Spirituality

I once met a Buddhist. He told me he spent all of his days meditating – sitting around all day thinking about nothing. He said he had no need of material possessions. He said he had all he needed right there in his monastery. As far as I know he is still there. I have nothing to say against that man. He is not a winner. And neither is he a non-winner. He is a tree, or maybe a hill.



Winner answering questions about Death

Q: Are you afraid of death ?

Alan: That is an irrelevant question.

Q: So you are afraid of death. Surely death arrests the process of winning.

Alan: No. Death is a reality. It is an element in the system of life which kills the system. Death is a given. Given this given, it becomes obvious that the purpose of life is to maximise one’s winning before death intervenes.

Q: To what purpose ?

Alan: Do we have another question ?



Winner on Freud

Sigmund Freud was a fool. The size of one’s penis has no effect on one’s earning potential. At the time it was pickled for posterity, Napoleon’s unerect penis was 2.54cm long -or one inch – one inch dear friends that supposedly symbolically represented a pelvic thrust that covered half of the globe. Regarding my own situation, WINCO has sales offices in every country of the world and generates a income equivalent to the GDP of South America. Napoleon is not one of my role models.


Winner on Maslow

Winning isn’t about big houses or fast cars, though they may be the results of winning. Winning is not about reputation or money, Caribbean holidays or garden parties. Oh no, winning is a process, a basic process essential for a healthy human being’s self-actualisation needs. Anyone who claims not to have such a need is either immature or self-deluded.


Winner on Economics

If a thousand people take a one pound share of a thousand pounds, they can, at best, each purchase a glass of beer or a slice of apple pie. If one person takes a one hundred percent share in a thousand pounds, he has the possibility to start his own brewery.



Winner’s Vision

I used to be poor. Now I am rich. I used to be weak-willed, now I am decisive. I used to be scared, now I am a lion. I used to be asleep. Now I am awake. I used to delay, now I act. I used t be sad, now I am happy. It’s shit or get off the pot time!


Winner on Light

I have seen the light …. and the light is a bulb which needs replacing.


Winner’s Dream

I have a dream. And then I wake up. I extract from the dream any information, ideas, symbols, suggestions which will take me further along the road less traveled – the road to winning!


Winner on Cruelty

Quite simply put .. in the long run, cruelty is uneconomic.



Winner on Managers

In the economic sphere are to be found managers who, in other circumstances, would happily torture, follow evil dictators, rape, cheat and lie, gamble, commit crimes against humanity, indulge their every lust, and simply take pleasure from killing people. Until such situations become lawful, they are happy to languish as consultants, directors, lawyers, accountants and specialists, biding their time. I love ‘em! All of them !


Winner on the concept of Darwinism

The concept of winning, of competition, is not explained by Darwinism, it explains why Darwinism arose as a concept.


Winner on Ethics

It is easy to dismiss the competitive ethic as immoral. It is just as easy to dismiss those dismissers as uncompetitive.


Winner on Customers

I have heard it said that in a quality organisation, a single customer should be seen as important as ten customers. Utter bullshit. I tell you now, in a winning organisation, ten customers are more important than one.


Winner on Women

If you ain’t scoring, you ain’t winning.


Winner on Drilling

People may appreciate the tunnel, but there ain’t no tunnel without a drill, and, if you want a winning tunnel, you need a winning drill.


Winner on Truth and Lies (from a conference transcript)

Q: What do you think about telling the truth … and is it ever justifiable to lie ?

Alan: That is a good question. Thankyou sir. Not really. That was a crap and boring question but my initial answer may have served a winning purpose.

I can always remember what my grandfather said to me before he died. He had worked hard all of his life in a factory in London before he caught tuberculosis and pleurisy. He lay there, I’ll never forget it, and told me the most useful piece of wisdom for living a purposeful life, I’ve ever heard. It was literally as the poor old fellow drew his last breaths that he beckoned me over with his shaking finger and said…Alan, he said …Alan…listen to me now, Alan, if you never listen to another word anyone ever says again, then listen to me now… and he drew a last breath and …you see, you’re all interested…on the edge of your seats… I’ve got you! He didn’t really say anything, because it isn’t true,not a word of it. He died alone in Walthamstow and he was senile by sixty so he couldn’t really say anything wise now, could he (Alan breaks into juvenile laughter). Anyway, you see the point, a lie can be a powerful way of getting a customer interested




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