The true power of the peaceful warrior


The true power of the peaceful warrior is the ability to let go of that which has been built by an angered heart, fed into a head directed only to the place where the sun set, as if it will never return, born of the inability to TURN from west to east and greet the new dawn.

When you look into the eyes of your enemy and realise that you have not an enemy but an ally if you  but step lightly out of the sinking sands of your fixed position, then perhaps you can be a true warrior. For the peaceful warrior fights for truth which is revealed in the changing way the sun reflects in the eye of the enemy and the tiniest movement in gesture in you, can let you and your enemy see the world anew as if on the first day of creation.

The peaceful warrior fights not for peace nor for truth but for the communion of the one within all and the all reflected in the virtue of each one. The peaceful warrior carries the weapons of forgiveness and understanding but also the mirror of truth which he turns first upon himself in order to reveal to himself that which he has done to create the enemy before him. Then, and ONLY then does he act.

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