Theatre – an evolutionary approach – theatrelab notes


Thanks to Spindrift Theatre makers for hosting our November 2003 Theatre Lab.


Using a very simply, evolutionary approach, we worked in an improvisational way. Theatre can be powerful when were just “are”. We worked on-stage with just a few, minimal rules (such as only looking up, or moving across stage) and yet very interesting and compelling moods and interactions occurred. The challenge of “not managing” all the time but “just being”, of allowing intuition and instinct to hold sway over plans and intellectualising was at the heart of this lab.


Some questions for challenge and discussion:


How “in the moment” are we?


Are we as spontaneous as we should be when we need to be?


Does habitual behaviour and fear make us lose our spontaneity at the last moment where we lapse into “planning” and “self-protection” losing the potential electric (or maybe spiritual?) power of the performance?


We could all go much further with this and may do so at the next lab!

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