Three kinds of actors

The Thespians – born for the stage, for whom almost everywaking moment is a habitual performance of one kind or another. Full of “theatricality”, full of commitment, and burning for the stage. They sometimes look down their noses at the “Pretenders” known as…


The Naturalists – often people who have come into the theatre after some kind of brief training (sometimes longer) who have lived in other professions but what a “change” – they have life experience outside of the theatre – they struggle harder to be theatrical and many are very naturalistic in their acting style, mistaken sometimes by the Thespians as “bad actors” who find it hard to be anything other than “full on”, even when being subtle!. A lot of naturalists have displaced into acting and have, in reality, little aptitude or talent. But some are masters of more subtle kinds of acting.


Then there are…


The Proteans – These are people who, by nature, are astoundingly versatile and flexible as human beings. They occupy many professions. Those who have chosen acting can adapt to almost any style, and are equally prepared to play subtle naturalism as they are to dive into a small glass of water from a great height.



Indignant comments welcome from…


The Critics!

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