Touching the Dawn

A wild poem about the fire in our bellies we sometimes can wake up with, when we step out of our dreams in the morning! Also a poem about possibility.


Stepping lightly lithe in passion’s flash

Upon a pressing punchy porous crash!

Jiggle over, twirl and madly croon

Beneath a barmy summer solstice moon

Return and fill the cup with bawdy chance

And shake the toes and pit the wind to dance

The crack of jumping jacks upon the ground

And let the music whirl the girl around!

Let smile break through to laughter all ablaze

Let touch and kiss, and rub against the daze

and closer to the breathing and the taste

And fall to sand and wander finger-haste

To enter, push, withdraw, then let us roar

And drink a toast and greet the open door

Then as the sun clear rises on the morn

Go tripping in the waves to touch the dawn!

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