True speaking out of the “other”

When a person speaks to you


and seeks a reply


automatic response kicks in


easiest to mind


come the phrases and words, thoughts and even feelings


that have all been DONE before


they are our cliches


on the surface of consciousness


we play for time


with an “ermm”


to find the ones that come easiest to hand








“no shit!”


yet if we “shut the fuck up”


for just a few seconds


go silent in side


and look at the “other”


we can find that they can “inspire” in us


a response that is far more original and new


dangerous and risky


exciting and hoary


than anything we can quickly come up with


they might think we have gone nuts


as we stare into their eyes


or watch their lips


or tiny finger movements


but if we do


then we truly can breathe in what we need to say back


“we realise ourselves through those around us…


“…they speak to us through our questions of them”


so i tried it


i waited


still and alert


i look into her eyes


i waited for my response to come from her


out of my lips


and it came:


“i love you”

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