Unblocking yourself


So, you feel ill at ease. Blocked. Stuck. You wish something would HAPPEN in your life. You want to break free. It hurts where you are. You want that change. To move on. To find that new purpose. To let go. To grasp hold. Whatever. To find that “it”. You might have defined that “it”, or perhaps you haven’t.


All of these states are initially states of insecurity. Not feeling that where you are is where you truly want or need to be. But there is an impending paradox here. If you don’t take the steps towards getting out of that state of “dissonance”, the longer you stay there, the more you will become used to that state of “UN-CHANGE”.


Soon, often unconsciously, you get used to it. You get to know that state. You become SECURE in your insecurity. Inertia kicks in and though you still periodically feel LOW about this state of unchange, the unchanging state becomes a HABIT, something that, if you can’t find your dreams, at least you can RELY on this state of UNCHANGE.


Then you are really stuck. You have grown used to being stuck. Like the prisoner who is terrified of freedom, won’t leave their cell, even though they have finally been released. When they are kicked out of the prison, they immediately find themself a small room somewhere, where they bar the windows and lock themselves in.


Don’t get too used to a state of UNCHANGE. Take the steps, no matter how small NOW. Keep making the resolutions. Keep the dreams alive. Write those dreams in a journal. Make those wishes each night. Share them positively with a friend. Be prepared to make the clean break and LEAP into the future, take the risk! But don’t make the state of UNCHANGE a habit.


You can do it. You were born to do it. In the long run, life will always reward you for making the change you want or need to make. So do it NOW.

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