What does it mean for us?

What does it mean for us?


Two chairs – seated are Frank and Mike


Frank: So what exactly does this change mean for us?


Mike: Our market is changing and we need to broaden our customer base.


Frank: I mean, down on the ground – what’s going to be different?


Mike: Our market has plateaued. In 2005 our sales growth wasn’t based on an increased market size, but in increasing our market share.


Frank: Am I going to have to take on any new work? Is there going to be training?


Mike: And we can’t keep taking market share from our competitors, we have to find new sources of revenue.


Frank: I’m not interested in market share or market size. What I want to know is when and how these changes are going to be brought in. 


Mike: So we have to change and also reduce costs without compromises on quality.


Frank: I am not asking you to justify the changes. I just want to know what we’re going to have to do differently and when.


Mike: But surely knowing the context would help reduce your level of uncertainty.


Frank: Bollocks to all that. Our lads and lasses want to know what’s going to happen on the line. Not in the market.


Mike: Well those changes will flow logically from the strategic level changes.


Frank: You don’t know, do you?


Mike: Don’t know what?


Frank: You don’t know what the changes are going to be! Or you’re not saying.


Mike: I’m briefing you!


Frank: Well I wish you’d be briefer then!


Mike: Ha ha. You don’t seem interested.


Frank: Look Frank, we haven’t got time for all the high level crap. We just want to get on with our jobs. If there are going to be changes, then tell us what they are so we can get on with it.


Mike: Well I think you’re being short-sighted. Knowing why we have to change in the first place HAS to be important.


Frank: Look Mike, there are ALWAYS changes going on. I keep an eye on the bigger picture from time to time, but the last thing I need at the moment is a speech from you. We’re all snowed under as it is. Just tell us what it is we need to be getting on with!


Mike: I am TRYING to!


Frank: Don’t worry, I’ll ask Bernard Granger. I bet they’ve told HIM.


The End

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