Where art and industry scarily meet

Folks – it has happened again.


Yesterday evening I stepped into my theatre role as Bogus Management Guru “Alan Winner” and told my audience how to be a ruthless winner. This satirical piece got all the usual laughs, cringes and reactions.


I went to bed happy and had the usual dreams of being chased by a rottweiler who looked like my business studies lecturer from 1985.


Today, it is 9.22am and I am sitting listening to a keynote lecture from one of Switzerland’s (indeed the world’s) top business schools.


The same audience which laughed nly yetserday sits in respectful silence as this serious speaker repeats the comedy of Alan’s Diatribe, presented as serious management wisdom.


The first slide is all about “winning”. Now he shares 5 tips on how to win must-win battles…


He even looks like me in costume.

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