You’d love this rain

You’d love this rain;

Mayday, springday rain.

You’d love this cafe;

Under parasol, made for sunshine;

Shielding us from the rain.

These are Sussex drops,

Delightfully soaking,

Wetting a nose I long to kiss;

Sea-rain, salty, like tears,

Cleansing, like Love’s falling story.

Two forks, one slice of

Caramel Apple Granny;

These pigeons adore the splashes,

And I love to watch you

Watching me, watching them.

You’d love this rain; it’s neither

Cold nor too warm; it’s a Sussex

Rain, that celebrates the peace

Of the Middle Way; not compromise,

But the Courage of Calm.

Like Pooh’s corner, and dear Ratty.

In England, the sun never hides;

It steps back, for thought to quicken

In Springtide showers, though sometimes

It sparkles in this jewel-bright water,

Reminding us: Your light, though

Hidden, perhaps even from you;

Is never far. You’d love this rain.

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