Binary Beastliness

Binary thinking is the dominant currency for grasping reality because it can most directly help to gain utility from the things which are most immediate, available or visible to us. Binary thinking is “either-or” thinking, where things are EITHER true OR they are not true. One OR zero. On OR off. Love OR hate. Black OR white. Dead OR alive. And, of course, the spaces inbetween are beleived to be ultimately dividable and smaller units of EITHER-OR until all of reality is “captured” in predictable, measurable units, in a language of ever more complex ONE’s or ZERO’s, right unto the border with infinity. One rather seemingly impossible thought currently being passed around the fringes of new physicists in bars drinking red wine with esotericists and even priests is that there will come a point where the division of reality into ever smaller particles will reach a threshold: at this point the measurement of quantity, of size, of density, of length will suddenly get NO SMALLER, and will suddenly fly off the end of the measurement scale as the tiniest unit becomes AT THE SAME TIME a measurement of the entire enormity of the whole multiverse. We will realise that the flea on the back of the flea is the outer core of the entire heavenly firmament. BIG and SMALL as one and the same thing.

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