Cave Story

A traveler walks a long way and comes upon a cave. He walks into the cave for its coolness, to be out of the hot sun.

There, in the centre of the cave sits child beside a clear round rock pool of water.

The traveler approaches the child who smiles back at him.

The child points towards the still pool of water, inviting the traveler to look into the water and see his reflection.

He is shocked.

The single reflection in the ripple-less water is that of this child, who is dressed in white and has eyes, one green and one brown, unlike the clear blue of the child in the cave.

Behind the reflection of the traveler-child reflection is a sapphire blue sky – clear at midday with a midday sun high overhead.

Though it casts no light into the cave, it is reflected in the eyes of the child there in the cave.

The traveler leaves the cave and continues on his journey, but he knows his journey must take a very different course now.

Change is often about profound reflection; not just reflection on the past, present and even the future, but also reflection on what we imagine could have been and might be possible. It is also about reflecting on the impossible yet imaginable, and then even to star into the pool of what we cannot imagine and seeing what emerges.

This story, short and a bit strange, explores reflection and its power. Sometimes, reflection can lead to insights that defeat all of our own rationality and attempts to make “sense”. Sometimes our next steps lie beyond sense!

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