Flow and Stumble

The words below are about creativity and flow. They are almost a short poem, aimed at looking at how flow happens and how and why it doesn’t.
Before FLOW comes the STUMBLE.
The stumble can lead to the RETREAT.
Yet PERSEVERANCE through EFFORT can lead to a flow that can end in books, in poetry, in song and in dance, or in further flow to whatever. It can also lead to holocausts and dictatorships, rape of the earth or the sweetest kiss that enlivens the heart, even the world.
FEAR OF F:LOW can be fear of excellence or success. It can be fear of failure or of the end of flow itself. Then comes the stumble, sometimes born of fear, though more often born of TIREDNESS AT LIFE.
When FLOW is achieved, PASSION is born and transforms the mundane into the AWESOME.

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