For or against Consultancy?

A darkly  humorous perspective
In the word “con-sultancy”, the word “con” is rather unfortunate. It means “against” and this is not the impression we wish to create at all. There is also the rather unfortunate overlap with the word “con”, meaning to swindle, to cheat someone.
Now, I have never met a consultant who wants to be seen to be against anything, nor to be seen as a cheat or a swindler. Such negative connotations are contrary to good revenue generation. Therefore, in the spirit of true consultancy controversy we have decided to re-invent ourselves.
Consultants are really people who are for things. Not against things. They are for the client. They are for business growth. They are for success. They are not against these things.
So we would like to introduce you to a new name for us. A new identity. A new brand for the market we want to thrive in. We are the new “forsultants”, and we practice forsultancy.
Forsultancy is a much more positive term and will help the clients to see us as on their side; they will be more keen to engage with us and make use of our services, they will be more confident in us. Whoops, there’s that “con” word again. They will have more forfidence in us as forsultants.
Now doesn’t that sound like a winning idea?
Forsultancy ™ is a new trademark and to call yourself one, contact our Marketing Office on  +44 666 66666 and ask for Constantine Greed-Smith who will be happy to tell you about our new Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes in Excellent Forsultancy Practice.

Visit the Facilitation Zone

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