Leadership in the catacombs – ill at ease and smiling

What can I tell you about this “leadership” exercise? I will only recount the first part of it which involved sending participants in groups of three around an island fortress out at sea and then into pitch dark catacombs and tunnels in the island’s only hill armed only with a map and a torch. The purpose was to find clues which would be used as part of a case study/role play on the second day.
Facilitators were stationed secretly in the tunnels and engaged in various behaviours such as setting of alarms when doors were opened and shutting participants in cells with iron doors, letting them “stew” for a while before releasing the door catch and making a giggling run for it into the darkness.
The activity involved collecting ten clues, working cooperatively, confronting fears and working to a deadline.
I wonder what you think? The scene was something out of the terrible horror movie, the deserted, damp corridors of crumbling stone, echoing corridors and the distant sound of the sea…

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