Leadership in the moment

I believe leadership is a process of conducting the music of the future in a way that it begins to play into the present (creating the improvisaitonal moment) and then transforming the past.


Leadership is essentially a present-located process of time travel. The future lies behind us, the past ahead, in the sense that we can transform our history, in a way that changes the present. When a leader INSPIRES she challenges the process of history, inspiring the historical process to re-align itself with future potential.


There’s a lovely double meaning in the word BEFORE meaning “behind is in time” and “in front of us” in space. The past, literally, and doubly, lies before us. This is a great secret of time travel, right under our very noses!


Futures then emerge INTO – not OUT OF – the past, reshaping the present moment. A leader has a visionary ability to see how the Future rushes to meet the past, rocking its foundations and wonderfully wobbling the mediocre present and INSPIRING it towards excellent, emergent realisation (REAL-isation) in the NOW.

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