On Social Vampires

Listen to this:
And ell me what you think…
Vampires  Vampires are needy people who feed off the energy of organisations and people, giving nothing in return. They make you think you are their best friend as they slowly suck you dry.
Some vampires don’t realise what they are, others are real “Draculas”! In groups and relationships, they steal the limelight and the focus is on ‘their stuff’, their needs. You always feel weaker from a conversation or dealings with them.
They steal and sap energy. They ask questions and favours. They always turn to the agenda to them and what they want. Their concerns. Their needs. Their pain.
And of course, they will call you the greatest friend they have in the entire world as they draw the life and energy out of you and transfer it to themselves.
 now here is my question for you
if u know such a person
or work with them
and they are a real vampire
not nasty
but so needy
how do u deal with it?
what if u try
and try
and just feel tired
that they say thankyou
but they keep
asking for more
  Answer:  Ah, you have learn to say no
That is a pretty hard thing to do
u say “no”
and they call u uncaring
and unfeeling
 Answer:  If they are friends, they will come back aroundbut what if they are not
just needy vampires?
is it ok to ignore?
or confront?
how do u confront
if u have tried being “nice”
and just end up feeling drained
what if all they seem to want is blood?
is it ok to cast them out
to get away from them?
for your own sake?

Answer:  yes it is