Precious workshoppers

The precious workshopper has “heard it all before” – even this statement. They are very competitive with other workshoppers even bitchy. They may hide behind a lot of friendly and warm techniques and appear to be friendly in style but are really deeply jealous of others. they claim to know or have used every technique under the sun but will pretend that they are as open and  innocent as a child.
The precious facilitator pays lip service to the experience and advice of other facilitators.
Precious workshoppers pretend to a level experience they don’t have.
They are irritated when challenged.
They hold on to their structures and rarely depart from them. They believe they are more improvisation than they really are.
They use “I” a lot.
They are in a dialogue with themselves that is louder than with those they are being paid to serve – their clients.
They have favourite ideas and activities that are really crutches and dogmas.
They think they are very important to the process. They like being praised and feign humility.
They self-maintain far more than they maintain others.
They are arrogant and think they are right most if not all of the time.
They are insecure about change.

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