Problems and Journals

How do we solve problems in life?
My friend Martin Leith once gave me a new perspective on this. He said that even framing something as a problem can mean we won’t solve it because not all things ARE problems in the first place. Problem Framing is a left-brain activity, but the content of problems often elude rational attempts to solve them.
We are a very problem focused society invariably looking at life as:
problems to find or solve
I find that sometimes a sense of unease in my life or something I want to achieve or even get rid of is better dealt with by keeping a simple daily journal.
Go out and buy a nice notebook and just record thoughts, feelings, ideas, collect quotes, try out stuff and reflect on it, but avoid framing as a problem. Often life takes a turn for the better simply by taking some time to step back, reflect then experiment the next day, before reflecting again.
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