Public speaker or cult leader?

The following is a checklist for public speakers and presenters.
This can make for a fun workshop activity!!!
How much does your own speaking or presentation style match up to these techniques used by destructive and dangerous cult leaders???
1. Use of repetition
2. Preferred Position
(Body language, posture, physical position, stance)
3. Creation of dependency through unfulfilled promises or partial fulfillment
4. development and use of disempowering terminology
5. Use of veiled threat in conversation
6. Creation of invisible, unproven entities, theories which require faith
7. Use of selective eye contact
8. Hiding the philosophy behind a veil of false questioning
9. Use of “poisoning the well” against family, government, other gurus and ideologies – no one knows you as well as I do!
10. Telling of untrue stories, which house sensible sounding, inspiring ideas – lying is justified for the greater good of “hooking them in”
(source cats3000)

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