Right of Right Brain



It’s the idea that “right brain” thinking

–  the so called “creative” side – 

 is actually just a projection of left brain thinking.



We have rationality so ingrained into us that when we try to access the right brain, we just create a “model” of it.


We say, “Hey! i am a right brain thinker!”


 and it means “this” or “that”


So already it eludes us.



 In my view

–  in a safe way- 

to access the right brain

we have to:


1. not “try” to access it but let it creep up on us

2. go a bit nuts (humorously can be a safe way)

3. jiggle a  lot


For me a truly create thought

puts butterflies in your stomach,

makes you laugh or cry in shock,

usually defies current thinking traditions,

makes you wonder what or why you were doing before you had it;

it’s a true “eureka” moment;

one often gibbers after having one;

or gets indigestion!

One thought on “Right of Right Brain

  1. I loved this post- and a truly creative idea wont let you sleep! It charges some hidden battery and keeps you hgoing like the Duracell bunny until you have substantively “formed” the idea into something that can be conveyed / articulated/ presented!

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