Selling your Artistic Work

Just thought I’d share a few tips on getting published that came out of the recent Writernet Conference in London. I ran a workshop there on writing for theatre. This, I think, applies to all forms of writing.
Many of the published writers at the conference seem to have tapped into the “zeitgeist” – or “spirit of the times”. Some have done this opportunistically, others through a genuine sense of “restlessness” about something.
However, if what you right seems to “strike a chord” with humanity’s concerns, it may also catch the eye of a publisher. Most important though, is not to present this in an over-obvious, over-moralising, or cliched way.
At the workshop, these were some of the “signs of the times” that might catch the eye of publishers:
– the older generation trying to come to terms with the world of cyberspace
– new forms of warfare and peacemaking (so we don’t all destroy each other)
– dealing with all of these consumer choices
– the relationship vetween science and religion/spirituality
– new forms of communication (chat being one of them) – love that is created in cyber space
– a cyncal/sober view of the “new age”
– learning what to do with increasing amounts of “leisure time”
The were many more. Examples were given of how a writer had broken through into publication through finding a theme that was very much in touch with the “zeitgeist”

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