(Lauen and Clive are standing on a bridge in a forest, throwing twigs into the stream below)


Lauren: You’ve really never been on a bluebell walk before?


Clive: Nope. Not a big fan of Nature.


(Lauren looks incredulous)


Lauren: “Not a big fan of nature.” OK.


Clive: But this is actually quite good.


Lauren: It is? No need to be sarky.


Clive: No. I’m not. Actually, it’s pretty amazing! It’s like you can’t see clearly. All that blue seems blurred.


Lauren: That is Nature’s “shimmer”! You should come here more often.


Clive: There’s never the time.


Lauren: I make time for this at least once a week. I have to remind myself it’s all here. I have to get away.


Clive: From where?


Lauren: Oh, work mainly. I call it the hellhole.


(Lauren looks at Clive and smiles. He blushes. Then she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Clive does the same. Pause)


Clive: Is that how you really see it?


Lauren: What?


Clive: The factory. A hellhole?


Lauren: Yes. Sometimes I can’t stand it. That noise. Mostly you can’t hear it at all and then my mind wanders for a second. You know how you can daydream and still do the work? And then I hear it. The awful noise of those booming machines. Look! There’s a squirrel!


Clive: Where?


Lauren: Over there! Climbing that oak tree!




Clive: I don’t see it like that at all. Well, not always.


Lauren: What do you mean?


Clive: It’s hard to say. Just sometimes. It all kind of comes together. I go into a daydream as well. I head off to Stores and all of those noises – the thumping  of the parts press, the rattle of the deburrer, the hiss of the test machines. And the movement and the shapes. It’s like those machines being there, so beautifully made, it’s like those machines were meant to be there, like they have taken root. And a breeze blows through from the warehouse and its like you can’t focus….


Lauren: Wow!


Clive: …And it’s like the whole place seems to.. SHIMMER!


(Lauren is looking intensely at Clive who is looking intensely at the stream. He throws a twig into the stream. She does the same. Fade out)

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