Evolutionary or Evollusionary Theatre

Does evolutionary theatre really lead to higher quality performance? It certainly allows individuals and small groups to shine until the  recycling of the inevitable clique’s energy is spent.
After twenty years of working in theatre I have witnessed many performances that have suffered from the self-defeating audition process, where the aim of the prospective cast member is to dupe those on the casting couch into employing them. The process is one of cheat and counter-cheat, bluff and counter-bluff.
What makes me sigh most of all with exasperation is when I witness how incompetent most good-hearted artists are at managing the audition process as all. Some of course love the process of win-lose. But (thankfully) many are not at ease with it and do it so badly.
In many cases, a performance ultimately succeeds in spite of the audition process, not because of it. One particular failing of evolutionary theatre is the notion that those holding the auditions are able to do so because they are higher up the evolutionary ladder than those being auditioned! They are more perfected, more “evolved”. In this way the chattering chimpanzees reject the Mozart prodigies, not because they cannot write nor play music, but because they cannot eat a banana sideways.

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