An idea for organisational art

A Community of Practice, which becomes self-funding after three years. Arts-based trainers working in the Performing Arts meet annually at a three day Open Space Conference to share practice with businesses and public organisations interested in using the arts in their training and cultural development. Regular actions learning sets, skills interchanges, pilot events, performance labs, and practice network events encourage a challenging dialogue that helps to create new funding sources for the performers, and stimulate their work, as well as firing the creativity and improving the effectiveness of the small-to-large businesses and organisations. A vibrant learning community is formed


Something has fired my passion repeatedly over the last ten years. There is a huge theatre audience latent in the world of business and organisations. The dream here is to team up with Actors of Dionysus and play a Greek Tragedy to a business audience, bringing also a public audience into business performance spaces, to have impact and to fire  enthusiasm to go to the theatre. Also a two-way journey. To take the public into an organisation-based venue, mixing them with a business audience.  An inclusive, memorable interchange of performance, dialogue and reaction between business, organisational and public life.


A community centre, a factory, a hospital, a sports venue, a casino, and an office. A play, created from research into the theme “A fractured world”. Interviews, discussions, workshops and participant observation. A working performance to an audience drawn from all of the above in each venue. An after-show discussion and reaction – an inter-reaction which leads to further development of the piece to a final public performance in a traditional theatre. The outcome is new connections, new friendships, new partnerships, mutual recognition and understanding, and an agenda for cooperation.

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