A short scene about Attitude and Culture


By Paul Levy


© cats3000




Joan: What do you think?


Frank: They have an attitude problem.


Joan: But it’s true isn’t it. You haven’t actually been on one of the trains for months, have you?


Frank: I know how a train operates. And besides, there isn’t the time. We’re overloaded with the software project.


Joan: They saw you eavesdropping. I feel embarrassed.


Frank: I wasn’t eavesdropping. I was managing by walking about!


Joan: Bullshit.


Frank: Well, I am glad I did hear. They were slagging me off. And not just me!


Joan: It was their tea break! Tell me, how well do you know either of them. Truthfully.


Frank: Ok. I don’t. But you know what it is like. There’s only one of me. And the shift patterns don’t make it easy.


Joan: Well I make it a habit to be on a train at least once a week.


Frank: Cos you don’t trust them?


Joan: No, because I want to be in touch.


Frank. Tell you what I think.


Joan: What?


Frank: They aren’t giving you enough to do.






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